Whether you need hardwood mats for drilling sites, temporary access roads, or crane support for tired or tracked vehicles, we can provide the product you need where access is required over extreme ground conditions.

Southern Hardwood manufactures oak hardwood mats, timber mats, dragline mats, pipe skids, 3-ply laminated mats, and oilfield mats. These mats are constructed of oak lumber which are bolted together. They can be laid end to end to form a portable road for easy access to and from your work site. They can also be laid side by side to form a deck.

Our oak hardwood mats are:

Can be picked up and laid down with a loader or fork lift.

Mats can be transported from one work site to another. With the proper care and handling, your mats can be reused several times.

Our oak mats eliminate the construction of temporary conventional haul roads using road base, which can’t be salvaged after construction. Additionally oak mats give you a construction platform in soft soil conditions without costly remediation practices.

Southern Hardwood  mats provide a means to access your job site with minimum environmental impact. Hardwood mats act as a shield to protect critical root mass from construction traffic, allowing for more expedient revegetation of your jobsite. Many states have adopted regulations prohibiting the tracking of construction related mud onto public roadways.