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Southern Hardwood Company manufactures hardwood mats and skids.
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Southern Hardwood Company's skids are all solid hardwood, and are load bearing to several thousand pounds at each intersection point when stacked with at least a 4 inch overlap using a 2 member X 2 member system.

Our pipe skids are ideally suited for the support of lengths of pipe during installation and maintenance and the use of our product can provide a safe, reliable solution to keep your project at full speed.

4" x 6" x 4'1152
4" x 6" x 6'900

*Above skids per truck, based on 45,000 lb. pay load.
*Custom Sizing Available.

Sold by the bundle (72) or truck load.

We can fabricate skids to fit your needs. We deliver by truck or rail.

Pipeline Skids

Pipeline Skids

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